What to do in Old Fort Townsend State Park

This 377-acre park lies atop a 150-foot cliff commanding a scenic view of Admiralty Inlet, Port Townsend Bay and the Cascade Mountains.

Four moorage buoys are available on a first come, first served basis, with continuous moorage limited to three consecutive nights. Fees are not currently charged. Call (360) 753-5771 for a fee update as all fees are subject to change.

In addition to several hiking trails which wind through the park, a historical walk starts at the large display board. A nature walk commences across the road from the display board. Two small shelters along the cliff are available to park users on a first-come, first-served basis.

Old Fort Townsend has 40 standard camping sites, each with a table and fireplace. There are showers in the upper campground restroom. Pit toilets and water are also available. A trailer dump is located to the left of the entrance to the main park area.

A large kitchen shelter may be reserved for organized day groups. There is also a large area in the park that may be reserved by organized camping groups.

The park is open from the second weekend of April until the third weekend in September. Park hours are 6:30 am. to dusk for day visitors. There is a ten-day camping limit. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only in designated areas. No keg beer is allowed. This is a self-registration campground (do not throw away the envelopes).

Activities enjoyed in the park include camping, picnicking, enjoying scenic views, boating, nature walks and historic walks.

Old Fort Townsend State Park is located on the northeast shore of the Olympic Peninsula in Jefferson County, four miles south of Port Townsend near Highway 20.

The climate in this area is influenced by both the Olympic Mountains and the bodies of water that surround the Olympic Peninsula. It is generally a marine climate, mild and temperate, with the Pacific Ocean moderating temperatures throughout the year.

Winters are cool and cloudy with rain and some snow. Maximum winter temperatures are in the mid- to high 40s with minimum temperatures in the mid 30s. Summers are warm and relatively dry with maximum and minimum temperatures in the mid 70s and low 50s, respectively. This area averages 51 inches of precipitation per year.

P.O. Box 42650
Olympia, WA 98504-2650

Phone: 360-902-8500

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