Maori Carving in Wellington, New Zealand (Image Source/Getty)


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What to do in Wellington

New Zealand’s compact capital, Wellington, is easily explored by foot—and your steps should take you straight to the bustling waterfront of Wellington Harbour. Along the water’s edge, you’ll find Wellington Writers Walk, a series of text-based sculptures with quotes by local writers. Explore New Zealand’s geology, environment, and indigenous people, the Māori, with exhibits inside Te Papa, the country’s national museum. Relish the sea air with a lesson from the Sailing Academy—and the Queen’s Wharf, Oriental Parade, and Evans Bay from the water. Or rent a kayak to explore Wellington Bays on your own. The morning Dominion Post Ferry chugs to Matiu/Somes Island, a former quarantine and POW island that is now a wildlife sanctuary. Continue to Days Bay for lunch at one of the village cafés, with great views of Wellington on your way home.

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