Family Vacations to Auckland, New Zealand

Photo of Waitamatea Harbor
Waitemata Harbour, Auckland, New Zealand (Gareth Eyres/Tourism New Zealand)

Auckland, New Zealand, Family Travel Tips

  • If you are planning to visit Auckland during its peak summer season (December to February), be sure to book accommodations well in advance.
  • The city enjoys a temperate coastal climate and rarely gets too hot or too cold. In summer the daily average temperature hovers around 73 degrees. In winter the average high temperature is 57 degrees.
  • Auckland is a green city flanked by lush rainforest—on account of ample rainfall. Pack waterproof jackets whatever time of year you visit.

New Zealand is a land of volcanoes, and Auckland is built on one. Well, not just one. The city is actually thought to be sitting atop more than 50 volcanoes, most (but not all) extinct. Auckland's fiery past is reflected in its current role as New Zealand's most vibrant urban hub, a real melting pot of peoples and cultures. It is also a fairly kid-friendly place with a diverse range of things to see and do for all ages.

Auckland is the heart of business and culture in New Zealand, and it has by far the most ethnic diversity. It's home to the largest number of Polynesian citizens of any city on the planet and they, combined with sizable Asian communities, help conjure up an intriguing cultural and culinary mix.

Auckland's city center pales in comparison to its trademark harbor, with ferries and tourist boats on hand to make the most of the city's spectacular maritime setting. While the harbor and the sprinkling of offshore islands are great draws for families, the city also has many dedicated family attractions. Rainbow's End adventure park claims it is "New Zealand's Premier Theme Park" and boasts a thrilling collection of rides to suit all ages. Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World gives kids the chance to see the likes of penguins and sharks up close. And the Auckland Zoo houses orangutans and tigers that were actually born at the zoo. For a free family attraction, hit the city's beaches. The ones on the North Shore are perfect for families and are easy to get to.

A great place for families to take in the spread of the city is the Sky Tower. The views are superb from this lofty vantage point and children can spy people far below busily scurrying around like ants, see the sprawling waterways that snake away in all directions, and, of course, make out the city's hills, which are not really hills but the volcanoes that shaped this spectacular city.

Published: 29 Apr 2010 | Last Updated: 11 May 2010
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