Snowboarding in The Adirondacks, New York (NY Tourism )

Ausable Lake, The Adirondacks, New York (NY Tourism)


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Lacy rates The Adirondacks
If you're one of the some 6 million that live in NYC, the Adirondacks are a must. The park is the biggest in the US and there is something for everyone within the park boundaries. Spending time on the lakes (I think there is over 2,000 of them) is so picturesque and serene. It's only 4 hours from the city so it's an easy weekend trip. I would suggest camping if you're going to go. In the fall, take a drive just to look at the leaves changing colors. When NYC gets all slushy and gross during the winter, the Adirondacks are untouched and beautiful. You can ski or ice skate on the frozen-over lakes. There is a reason this park sees more visitors than Yellowstone. It's that perfect!
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