Lake Tahoe (PhotoDisc)

Winter Trees in Lake Tahoe, Nevada (Reno-Sparks CVA)


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What to do in Lake Tahoe

Mark Twain once marveled that Lake Tahoe was “surely the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” The view is as spectacular as ever, but it’s fair to guess that Twain would be shocked by the development on the north and south shores. Blurring the border between California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Lake Tahoe is the country’s largest alpine lake, and certainly one of its favorites. Spring breakers flock to the smooth waters on the south shore for noisy summer days aboard boats teeming with booze, and nights that provide dangerously easy access to legalized gambling. On the north side of the lake’s 72-square-mile circumference, the vibe is more laid back and upscale. In the winter months, downhill skiing is legendary in a place that once hosted the Winter Olympics. Those 300 days of sunshine per year doesn’t hurt either.

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