What to do in Morphy Lake State Park

Hidden among a forest of pine trees, Morphy Lake State Park is found at the end of a three mile road that is steep and may be rough at times. Located in the heart of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, privacy is easily found throughout this secluded park.

Park elevation is 7,800 feet, the lake covers 15 acres with an additional 20 acres of park land surrounding. Visitors are reminded this is a PACK-IN, PACK-OUT park. Amenities at Morphy Lake are limited, though restrooms are provided.

This undeveloped area is accessible by foot or by high-clearance vehicle. Low-clearance vehicles and motor homes should call ahead to the park manager for road conditions.

This small, scenic lake is stocked with trout, in winter visitors frequent the lake for ice fishing.

Fishing is the main recreation use at Morphy Lake with ice fishing in winter. Boats are limited to electric motors. Camping and picnicking are also options.

Morphy Lake State Park is located in the north eastern region of the state, south of Taos.

Annual precipitation is 22 inches. Summer temperatures range from lows around 52 to highs around 87. Winter temps range from lows of 15 degrees to highs around 49.

P.O. Box 477
Guadalupita, NM 87722

Phone: 505-387-2326

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