Interior Marble Courtyard of Hamman II Mosque Casablanca (iStockphoto)

Hassan II Mosk in Casablanca (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Casablanca

Just the name Casablanca conjures up romantic imagery, and that enduring 1942 film certainly doesn’t hurt. If you’re looking for the kind of love Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman shared (minus all those complications), you might start at Rick’s Café, which opened in 2004 as a re-creation of the bar made famous by the movie. Touristy? Yes. But it’s also a pleasant place to have a meal, with elegant furnishings, top-notch food, and a piano player who taps out classics, including “As Time Goes By.” More beauty can be found a short drive to the west, where the Hassan II Mosque—third largest in the world—looms large above the ocean. Open to non-Muslims, it has a roof that retracts, an artfully designed prayer hall, and intricate carvings—not to mention a minaret that shines laser beams into the night sky.

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