Marrakesh (iStockphoto)

marrakesh barrouche and tourist (hemera)

Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakesh, Morocco (iStockphoto)

Traditional Market in Marrakesh, Morocoo (iStockphoto)

Store in the Medina of Marrakech, Morocco (Hemera)

Sunrise in Marrakesh, Morocco (iStockphoto)

Store in Marrakech, Morocco (iStockphoto)

Marrakech, Morocco (iStockphoto)

Crowded market in Marrakesh, Morocco (Goodshoot)

Marrakech, Morocco (Hemera)


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What to do in Marrakesh

In the medina of Marrakesh, the city’s central area and a dizzying maze of streets and markets, you can’t help but have sensory overload. The smell of spices converges with wafts of piping-hot mint tea. Richly dyed scarves and fine woven tapestries hang in the entryways of the souks (markets). Food vendors vocally advertise their wares: “Tajine and couscous, only 20 dirham!” Dried fruit and Moroccan pastries make your sweet-tooth ache. And snake charmers sneak up on unsuspecting tourists while monkeys beg for change and buskers wow the crowds with acrobatics. At the end of Rue de la Koutoubia, the city’s mosque stands guard over the medina, lit up at night as vacationers look up from the rooftops of terrace cafes, trying to make sense of everything they’ve seen, smelled, heard, tasted, and felt that day.

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Traveler Reviews of Marrakesh

jchandler rates Marrakesh
Marakesh is a wonderful place to explore...especially the souk, it was an awesome place to barter (even though I bartered I still felt I got taken :) At night the souk turns into an outdoor dining experience like no other - circus atmosphere, music, all types of food...pretty amazing. Good hotel deals are available close to the souk. Again, a wonderful place...I'm ready to go back!
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