What to do in Monte Sano State Park

In existence since 1935, Monte Sano's 2,140 acres combine the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps with the space age technology of the future.

This state park offers camping, lodging, hiking, and picnicking. Hike a trail in the morning, stroll through the Japanese Garden, visit the Space and Rocket Center and ride a space station simulator in the afternoon.

Monte Sano State Park is located in northern Alabama in the town of Huntsville.

The climate of Alabama's lowlands can be described as subtropical with nearly 60 inches of rain each year. The highest amount of rain reaches the region as afternoon thunderstorms in July, August and September. Summers are extremely hot and humid with temperatures frequently reaching above 100 degrees F. Summer nights cool slightly and provide a good time to travel through the region.

Winter temperatures are mild, rarely dipping below 40 degrees with the humidity level at its lowest in November and December. Spring and fall are very pleasant times to visit the region. Spring brings mild temperatures and blooming trees and flowers. During the fall temperatures range from 65 to 85 degrees F with low humidity levels. Northern Alabama is generally cooler than the south due to its higher elevations.

5105 Nolen Ave
Huntsville, AL 35801

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