What to do in Mongold (Detroit Lake)

Mongold Day Use area is 1.5 miles west of Detroit Lake State Park.

Mongold is the only public boat launch facility on the lake featuring a swimming area, grass beach, picnic facilities and restrooms. Mongold is a year-round fee area.

Mongold has 58 single car parking spaces and three fully-accessible parking spaces near the swimming area, and another 25 single car parking spaces at the top of the parking lot. There are 120 vehicle/trailer parking spaces, and three that are accessible to people with disabilities. Overnight parking at Mongold is permitted only when the visitor is camping on Piety Island.

Vital stats: A small fee is charged or an annual permit is required for access to all state park day-use areas.

Mongold offers opportunities for boating, picnicking, fishing, swimming, windsurfing and viewing lake scenery.

Mongold is located at Detroit Lake, off Oregon Highway 22, 51 miles east of Salem.

Climate in this region changes with elevation. The area receives a high amount of precipitation. Much of the precipitation comes from October to April in the form of rain at the low elevations and as wet heavy snow in the higher elevations. Winter temperatures are normally cool at the lower elevations and cold at the higher elevations. Although snow is possible in the lowest elevations, it is infrequent and does not stay on the ground for long. Late spring, summer and early autumn bring the best chance for clear, sunny days and bring moderate temperatures.

1115 Commercial Street NE
Salem, OR 97301-1002

Phone: 800-551-6949

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