Detroit Aerial View (iStockphoto)

Detroit (iStockphoto)

Detroit Skyline (iStockphoto)

Hart Plaza Fountain, Detroit (iStockphoto)

Detroit Skyline (iStockphoto)

Renaissance Center and monorail , Detroit , Michigan (Comstock)

Belle Isle Park, Detroit, MI (Brand X Pictures)


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Ash rates Detroit
Detroit is not your obvious choice at a destination; however, this city is one of the most unique places on the planet. Whilst most other cities have demolished their aged architecture, it's still around in Detroit and the downtown is beautiful. To many parts of the city are decrepit and whilst this may be true of some areas, saying all of Detroit is dead is an understatement. Downtown, Midtown and the Riverfront is alive with bars, restaurants, schools, hospitals, museums, arenas, theaters, and shops. The area is beautiful with its lakes and water. The Henry Ford in neighboring Dearborn is a must see. A drive up Jefferson Avenue through to affluent lakefront Grosse Pointe is unbelievable. Don't look down upon Detroit until you've been here and experienced the youth and revival atmosphere that is in the air in Detroit these days.
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Pieter rates Detroit
Ok, it's still pretty rough and not exactly Miami or Los Angeles. But Detroit does have a really interesting waterfront and the downtown area has plenty of things to do. The sports stadiums are definitely worth visiting, as is the Henry Ford Museum. I think Detroit is an up-and-comer that will be able to get through this economic crisis and come out ahead.
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