Chatham Harbor, near Cape Cod, Massachusetts (William DeSousa/Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts (PhotoDisc)

Beach view in Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Margo Tabb/Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce)

Namskaket Creek at high tide, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (William DeSousa/Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce)

Nauset Beach and Lighthouse, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Stockbyte/Getty)


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What to do in Cape Cod

Cross Cape Cod Canal on the Bourne and Sagamore bridges and you enter a more relaxed world, where the main concern is finding a decent bowl of chowder. Considered by many as one of John F. Kennedy’s best moves as president, the forever-preserved Cape Cod National Seashore offers 40 miles of rolling, windswept sand dunes, kettle ponds, bogs, plains, scrub forest, marshes, and some of the finest beaches on the East Coast. All it takes is one visit to Nauset Light Beach in Eastham to understand the allure—from bike trails that crisscross the entire peninsula to a thriving art gallery scene in Provincetown to the countless seals found in Chatham Harbor to the network of freshwater ponds that dot the entirety of the cape, this is the reason why most of Boston shuts down in August; they’ve headed for the coast.

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Alistair rates Cape Cod
We took our young son to Cape Cod one summer and discovered the hard way that there's few options here if the weather turns, as we did during a freak June Nor'easter. The good stuff is all pretty obvious: beautiful beach and crashing waves at Cape Cod National Seashore; kid-friendly shallows and tidepools on the bay side of the Cape at Skaket Beach; bike rides up the Cape Cod Rail-Trail. We did our best to occupy ourselves during the storm, but could only muster a disappointing trip to the Cape's one overpriced indoor swimming pool and a rain-soaked outing for ice cream in Chatham. We stayed at the well-situated Anchorage on the Cove in Eastham, which offers fairly basic cottage-style lodging with amenities including kayaks and canoes to explore the salt marshes right in front of the property.
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