Skyline of Baltimore, Maryland (PhotoDisc)

Skyline and harbor in Baltimore, Maryland (Scenics of America/Photolink)

Nighthawk schooner in Baltimore, Maryland (PhotoDisc)

Sports Legends at Camden Yards museum, Baltimore, Maryland (Visit Baltimore)

Rowhouse porches during the fall in Baltimore, Maryland (iStockphoto)

Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland (iStockphoto)

Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland (iStockphoto)

Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland (iStockphoto)

Harbor and skyline, Baltimore, Maryland (Corbis)

Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Baltimore

Though it’s called “Charm City,” Baltimore often gets a bum rap and is overlooked for its neighbor to the south, Washington, D.C., but locals take pride in the old-fashioned harbor town’s beguiling grittiness. Once a thriving seaport, Baltimore was forced to reinvent itself as the shipping industry declined. Now you can enjoy water views from the trendy Inner Harbor shopping and dining district, where the city opens to the Chesapeake Bay. Learn about the area’s underwater residents at the National Aquarium, Baltimore. Then head to the historic Fells Point neighborhood to partake of some famous Maryland Blue Crab, discover an authentic Little Italy, or catch a live band at one of the many area pubs. Baltimore remains in a state of flux, with modern businesses popping up in once-decaying spots, but its charm is sure to be a constant.

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Larry rates Baltimore
Baltimore is full of fascinating neighborhoods like Little Italy and Fells Point, all worth exploring for good food and fun. And it's full of history, notably Fort McHenry which during the War of 1812 provided the setting for the composition of The Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key. It's just as famous for odd, off-beat places like the Visionary Art Museum with its quirky pieces that could not find a home in a contemporary museum but will intrigue you. You can find good food almost anywhere you choose to eat in Baltimore. I particularly like Faidley's in Lexington Market. Although the market itself has lost it's charm, Faidley's offers a variety of things from the sea, including turtle, as well as an opportunity to eat freshly prepared seafood at standup counters, the best of which is their softball sized all lump crab cake.
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MrsJBolt rates Baltimore
I may have missed the "good parts" of Baltimore, and I only did a day trip in like November, so other times of the year & for longer periods of time it could be a better place to visit...but based on my day-trip to Baltimore, there was not much that would ever make me want to come back. We did the harbor area, which was small. It was pretty, but had nothing to do besides eat at a chain restaurant or go to the expensive aquarium. And driving there we went through some very sketchy areas (not to mention the price of a parking garage...). I also had a friend recently visit Baltimore that has lived in Mexico & traveled the world and said he'd never seen poverty & slums like he saw in maybe visit if you know a local...if not, skip it.
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