Sand Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine (Maine Office of Tourism)

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine (Adam Jones/Photodisc)

Carriage Road, Acadia National Park, Maine (iStockphoto/Thinkstock)

Acadia National Park, Maine (iStockphoto/Thinkstock)

Acadia National Park, Bass Head Lighthouse, Maine (iStockphoto/Thinkstock)


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MrsJBolt rates Acadia National Park
Bar Harbor, Maine is synonymous with Acadia National Park and both Bar Harbor & Acadia are spectacular. The landscape is natural & beautiful and Bar Harbor has the shops, restaurants, bed & breakfasts that will compliment the nature experiences of Acadia. Go between late June and late December when the fishermen are bringing in fresh lobster and the beauty of the park is changing from fiery reds to being covered in soft blankets of snow. And you MUST get blueberry pancakes. I'm not 100% sure why blueberries are so famous in Bar Harbor, but a visitor can find jars filled with wild blueberry jam to take home, blueberry ales to drink, and yummy blueberry pancakes for brunch! Might be worth being creative and packing it in your picnic basket or day pack for hikes in Acadia! ;)
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