Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans CVB)

Christmas in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans CVB)

Wooden jetty on lake at sunset, New Orleans, Louisiana (Photodisc)

Bourbon Street at night, New Orleans, Louisiana (Visions of America/JoeSohm/Photodisc/Getty)

Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans CVB)

Riverboat and bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans CVB)

Saint Charles Avenue streetcar, New Orleans, Louisiana (New Orleans CVB)

Ancient crypts and above-ground graves in New Orleans, Louisiana (iStockphoto/Thinkstock)


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Kevin4Vacations rates New Orleans
I loved New Orleans. Locals are always happy to tell you about their city and point you in the direction of true new orleans gems instead of the normal tourist attractions. You can pop in nearly any street corner and feast on wonderful inexpensive food or make reservations and dine in luxury. The garden district boasts multi-million dollar 19th century mansions in comparison to the French Quarter. Also, the nightlife, history, numerous museums, historic neighborhoods, ornate cemeteries, and beautiful parks can keep you running your throughout the entirety of your trip.. The best things about new orleans will always be the people though. They are friendly, helpful people who are true salt of the earth types. Everyone I met was like a character cast from a southern novel
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MrsJBolt rates New Orleans
When it comes to New Orleans, you meet people that love it & you meet people that hate it. I am one of those people who didn't enjoy New Orleans. I do not like being approached by the homeless for money and I don't like having to worry so much about what road I'm on and accidentally ending up where I'm not suppose to be (which happened a few times...). New Orleans is known for it's food and I must have missed the "good" local restaurants because our food was just ok (except for The Rat's Nest restaurant which was lost in Katrina...It was Fabulous.) I'm not a huge into partying & drinking into the night either, which is probably another reason why I didn't like New Orleans. Basically my take was it consisted of bars, strip clubs, bars, tattoo parlors, a restaurant, & more strip clubs.
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