What to do in Lory State Park

Lory State Park encompasses 2,500 acres immediately west of Horsetooth Reservoir and north of Horsetooth Mountain Park. The park is located in the geologic transition zone, like many other state parks on the Front Range, where the plains meet the foothills. Three distinct life zones, as well as, igneous, metamorphic and sandstone rocks can be found in the park.

Most of the terrain in Lory State Park may be used between dawn and dusk. The exception to this is the six backcountry sites that lie along the Timber Trail on the western side of the park. Backpacking in this area is promoted by park authorities.

The only paved road on the site leads south along the eastern side of the park. Horsetooth Reservoir is not directly accessible from this road. (Paths from the road lead east to the shores of the reservoir.) Near the park entrance is the Timber Trail Group Picnic Ground and trailhead. This site encompasses sheltered tables, grills, a horseshoe pit and volleyball Court to accommodate 120 people. The Waterfall Trail also leaves from this site traversing one tenth of a mile along a series of waterfalls.

Four other smaller picnic areas line the access road to the park as it leads southward. The southern end of the park contains the Equestrian Cross-Country Jumping Area and the Arthur's Rock Equestrian Trail. (Stables are located in the park.) The trail leads to the 320-acre jumping course.

Despite the facilities mentioned above hiking is the main draw to the park. Several well-maintained trails connect in the central area of the park to open 25 miles of backcountry terrain. Permits for overnight trips in the backcountry are required and may be obtained at the entrance station. Drinking water is available at the park entrance only.

The trails bring most people to Lory State Park for hiking and backpacking, but many other recreation opportunities exist in the park. Picnicking, horseback riding, volleyball, horseshoes, photography and viewing scenery, are popular activities in which to participate within the park boundaries.

Lory State Park is located on the western shores of Horsetooth Reservoir west of Fort Collins. Roosevelt National Forest begins immediately west of the park.

Take U.S. 287 north from Ft. Collins through LaPorte, then turn left at the Bellvue Exit onto County Road 23N. Turn left again, go 1.4 miles and take a right on County Road 25G. Drive another 1.6 miles to the park entrance.

This park lies at an elevation of approximately 6,200 feet. Its visitors enjoy a moderate, four-season climate. Because of its location along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the area is buffered from the extremes of both summer and winter weather. Warm, dry days and mild nights are common in Lory State Park.

708 Lodgepole Drive
Bellvue, CO 80512

Phone: 970-493-1623

Email: lory.park@state.co.us
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