What to do in Leelanau State Park

Leelanau State Park is located at the "Tip of the Little Finger" in Leelanau Peninsula encompassing over 1,300 waterfront acres. The word Leelanau is the Indian word for "A Land of Delight" and could not better describe the area. The terrain is a mixture of open brush land to mature hardwood forest, with some pockets of open meadows mixed in. Scenery is gorgeous, wildlife is abundant and recreation is plentiful.

Leelanau State Park is a haven for outdoor recreation. Located along the windswept shoreline of Lake Michigan scenery is wondrous. Visitors are invited to tour the Grand Traverse Lighthouse and Museum during the warm summer months, camp at the rustic campground April through December, explore eight miles of hiking trails, hunt for a variety of resident wildlife, picnic, group picnic and overnight at a mini-cabin.

A special feature of Leelanau State Park is the ability to hunt for Petoskey Stones along the shoreline. Petoskey Stones, which are found in abundance and can be polished and made into various items or used for display. The stone is actually a fossilized coral from the Devonian Period (350 million years ago).

The campground offers 50 sites and is strictly a rustic experience. The two mini-cabins each sleep four. A children's playground enhances the picnic area. The eight miles of hiking trail is open to cross-country skiers in winter.

Visitors to Leelanau State Park are invited to view historic sites, rock collect, picnic, camp, hike, swim, fish, and cross-country ski.

Leelanau State Park is located at the "Tip of the Little Finger" in Leelanau Peninsula approximately eight miles north of Traverse City off M-22 and M-201.

Northern Michigan normally experiences mild summers with average temperatures around 70 degrees F (21 degrees C). Winter temperatures average 14 - 22 degrees F (-10 to -6 degrees C). Yearly rain and snowmelt in the region averages 28 - 36 inches but can be dramatically altered by the "lake effect," thus depositing significant amounts of snow within a short period of time causing hazardous road conditions.

15310 N. Lighthouse Point Road
Northport, MI 49670

Phone: 231-386-5422

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