What to do in Lake Lenore Caves State Park

Lake Lenore Caves State Park's main attraction are its caves, which were formed by the plucking of basalt from the walls of the coulees by the rush of melt waters were later used as shelters by prehistoric man. The park covers 213.7 acres and includes parking for 12 vehicles, .75 miles of gravel road, and a three mile trail.

Recreation at the park simply includes viewing the caves.

Lake Lenore Caves State Parkl, in south central Washington, is eight miles south of Sun Lakes State Park and 8 miles north of Soap Lake on Hwy. 17.

The climate of Washington varies within each region. The Cascades split the state and alter the weather patterns. The terrain east of the mountains, which includes Lake Lenore Caves State Park, receives approximately 12 inches of rainfall per year, generally much less than west of the mountains. Since the area east of the mountains is landlocked, temperatures in this region are lower during the winter months. Frequent winds coming down from the mountains also contribute to the low temperatures of eastern Washington.

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staziemom rates Lake Lenore Caves State Park
This area is a must! My family and I have been back multiple times in early spring and late fall ( I am petrified of snakes). The hiking, views, rocks, and exploration of the area is incredible! Bring your camera, and hiking boots! Hike up to the caves and then follow the "trail" up to a wedge in the rock almost straight up to be able to get to the other side and see the coulees on the other side, you can also hike down through them, it is like a labyrnth. This wedge in the rock is to the left of the turtle (giant rock formation at the top of the cliff). This area gets super hot, so bring lots of water! This is not a hike for very young kids, the hike is steep, the trail primitive, and there is lots of loose rock. Enjoy!!!!
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