What to do in Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site

Lake Jackson Mounds is the ancient site of a prominent political and religious sect. Important burial objects link archeologists to the past. Tribal leaders made residence along Lake Jackson establishing burial mounds and a plaza. Remains of the important tribal leaders adorned ornate items including cooper breastplates, shell beaded necklaces, bracelets, anklets and cloaks. These fabulous artifacts tell of ties with other prehistoric Indian tribes including those from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and even as far as Oklahoma.

Long after the Indians disappeared, Florida's first Surveyor General, Colonel Robert Butler, owned a portion of the property.

This ancient site located immediately south of Lake Jackson was once a prominent region known to archaeologists as the "Southern Cult" or "Southeastern Ceremonial Complex." Guided tours and interpretive programs offer glimpses of the huge complex comprised of six earth temple mounds. Call two weeks prior to your arrive. (850) 922-6007

Visitors to Lake Jackson Mounds State Archaeological Site enjoy picnicking and viewing some of the most significant artifacts in Florida. Guided tours are available with advance notice.

Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park is located in the Tallahassee area. From Interstate 10, travel north on U.S. Highway 27 taking Crowder Road to Indian Mounds Road.

Florida experiences mild, comfortable winters and warm to hot, humid summers. The area offers a great warm escape for outdoor recreation during the cold northern months. Summer temperatures average in the low 80's Fahrenheit and mid 20's Celsius. Winters are mild with temperatures averaging between the high 40's to the high 50's Fahrenheit. The average precipitation for the north central area is diverse. The central western area receives more than 60 inches per year while the central eastern tract receives about 50 inches. August and September are peak months of the hurricane season that lasts from June 1 through November 30.

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