What to do in Lake Chelan State Park

Lake Chelan is a 127-acre park with a historical past . A homestead cabin still stands in the park. Lake Chelan has 6,000 feet of waterfront with 300 linear feet of beach, a boat launch and dock and water ski floats.

Camping facilities include 127 standard sites, 17 utility sites, 52 picnic sites, a picnic shelter, four comfort stations, a trailer dump and a contact station.

Other amenities are a bathhouse and playground equipment.

Water sports enjoyed in the park include boating, swimming,water-skiing, scuba diving, and skin diving.

Other park activities include picnicking, camping, fishing, playground activities and, in the winter, sledding,.

Lake Chelan State Park is located nine miles west of the City of Chelan in Chelan County.

Washington's climate varies with each region because the Cascade Mountains split the state and alter weather patterns. Lake Chelan State Park, located east of the mountains, receives significantly less rainfall than regions west of the mountains with an average annual precipitation of twelve inches.

Average summer temperatures are 94 degrees maximum and 50 degrees minimum. Because central Washington is landlocked and subject to winter winds, winter temperatures are much colder than those in western Washington.

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