What to do in Kickapoo Cavern State Park

Kickapoo Cavern State Park, formerly the Seargeant Ranch, is located approximately 22 miles north of Brackettville straddling the Kinney/Edwards County line. It comprises 6368.4 acres of the southern Edwards Plateau. Acquired in December 1986 and was opened to the public on a limited basis in 1991.

The park is currently in an undeveloped state. The park is currently open by guided tour only. Access to the park is available through guided bird walks, wild cave tours, and evening bat flights on specified tour dates throughout the spring and summer.

Camping(Maximum 8 people per site unless otherwise noted.)Primitive Area (capacity of 60). Check with the park for availability. No designated sites. The visitor will be directed to an area to camp. Drinking water is not available. Restroom may or may not be available. Four picnic tables and five fire rings in the camping area. These sites are not currently available.Other Facilities:
* Park facilities include 14 miles of mountain biking trails, and 18 miles of undesignated hiking & birding trails.
* A two-acre picnic area (located 100 yards south of the lodge) is available for day use. Visitors using this area should come prepared for the following:
* Potable water is available.
* Restrooms with showers are available.


Interesting features of the park include 15 known caves, two of which are large enough to be significant. Kickapoo Cavern is approximately one-quarter mile in length (1400'). It boasts some impressive formations and can be toured by special arrangement. Stuart Bat Cave (formally Green Cave), slightly shorter than Kickapoo at 1068', serves as a migratory stopover for large numbers of Brazilian Freetail Bats from mid-March to about the end of October. Bat flights are often spectacular, and observations are available on the same basis as Kickapoo Cavern tours. Birding opportunities abound in this area. Park facilities include 14 miles of mountain biking trails, and 18 miles of undesignated hiking & birding trails.

Tours: Staff-guided for Kickapoo Cavern are all on a prearranged basis only. Tour fees charged. Because the cave is in an undeveloped state and is moderately strenuous, a signed, dated liability release is required of each visitor participating in the tour. Individuals must bring their own lighting for use in the cave as it is not provided by the park. When making reservations, be sure to ask what appropriate gear and clothing is needed for the cave tours. Reservations for the Stuart Bat Cave bat flight observations are scheduled in early April through mid-October, reservations are required.

The park is reached by taking US Highway 90 west out of Uvalde, then taking Ranch Road 674 north of Brackettville for 22 miles. Look for signs on the Highway. The gate is 1/4 mile past the Edwards County line on the west side of the highway. More detailed directions may be obtained when visitors call to make reservations.


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