Kentucky Palisades, Lexington, Kentucky (Kentucky CVB)

Old Frankfort Pike Horses in pasture, Lexington, Kentucky (Kentucky Tourism)

Fence line in Lexington, Kentucky (iStockphoto)

Farm fence and fog near Lexington, Kentucky (iStockphoto)

Lexington, Kentucky (iStockphoto)


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Lacy rates Lexington
There is something so special about Lexington. They take their horses very seriously here! There are miles of rolling pasture, and in the summer it seems impossibly green. White picket fences frame the fields, bringing to memory some of the most ideal movies of your youth. Some of the horse barns are bigger than the houses. It's the kind of place where you could just drive around for hours taking in the view. It's so southern, and so charming. There is also a lively nightlife here, but the main reason to visit is to explore the culture of horse racing.
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