Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, Louisville, Kentucky (Kentucky Tourism)

State Capitol building in Louisville, Kentucky (Kentucky Department of Tourism)

Louisville Cityscape Skyline (iStockphoto)


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Nicograph rates Louisville
I live in Louisville, am quite social, and am still shocked at the number of really interesting little restaurants, bars and coffee shops popping up everywhere. I'd recommend MEAT or St. Charles Exchange for great Prohibition-style drinks, Proof, the Garage Bar, Rye, Ramsi's, El Mundo, and the Grape Leaf for amazing food. For local entertainment, there's KCA (pictured), Actor's Theater, The Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville Science Center, Speed Museum, Fraiser Arms Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum, or have a drink while exploring the art gallery at Proof in the 21C Hotel. You can also wander around the Highlands for great people watching!
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