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Rocheport and many other small, Mid-Missouri river towns welcome modern-day explorers following in the footsteps of Lewis & Clark.

Whether you choose to follow Lewis and Clark's journey by river, by bike, by foot or by car, Rocheport and the local area offer many nearby lodging and dining options, as well as many bed and breakfasts, camping in New Franklin, museums, and many other historical sites worth visiting.

As you travel the Katy Trail, nature abounds. Towing limestone bluffs, green rolling hills, and expansive stretches of wetlands unfold in classic Missouri style. There is no better place to let the story of Lewis and Clark capture your imagination.

Missouri's Katy Trail State Park is the longest, non-motorized public portion of the entire Lewis and Clark Trail. Travelling along the Missouri River for much of its 225-mile distance across the state, it is the perfect place to find beautiful scenery, solitude, nature and a chance to spend time along the river.

Rocheport offers visitors the chance to enjoy a peaceful afternoon along the Missouri River. At the heart of Rocheport is a popular trailhead for the Katy Trail State Park. The Katy Trail is a 225-mile long, flat hiking and biking trail that stretches from St. Charles (near St. Louis) to Clinton (near Kansas City), following the Missouri River valley for much of the way across the center of the state.

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Missouri experiences four distinct seasons with an average yearly temperature of 54 degrees F. Summer temperatures reach 90 degrees F often and are plagued with high humidity levels. Nighttime lows during the summer dip slightly near 70 degrees. September brings cooler fall weather with less humidity. By October nights begin to cool significantly and the fall foliage changes to brilliant hues of orange, red and yellow. Winter months bring an average of 24 inches of snow and normal temperatures average between 20 and 45 degrees F. Spring is characterized by wet weather with temperatures reaching between 32 and 60 degrees F.

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