What to do in Kahana Valley State Park

Kahana Valley State Park protects over 5,200 acres of land on the wet, windward side of O'ahu. It is a scenic and relatively wild valley. Over 100 people live within the park boundaries. These individuals inhabited and farmed the area before the land was purchased by the state in 1965.

An orientation center lies within the park and provides recreation information to visitors. In addition to natural attractions, cultural resources within the park include Huilua Fishpond and an ancient fishing shrine and lookout. A short hike leads to the fishing shrine while a longer 4.9 mile hike leads upvalley and along Kahana Stream. Picknicking is available in a coconut grove. Fruit picking is available in a lushly vegetated forest. The park also offers a beach area.

A camping area with 10 sites is available. Campsites are often used by local families who live within the park.

Swimming at this park is safe throughout the year. Pig hunting is possible in a public hunting area. Other recreation activities include bodysurfing, picnicking, and hiking.

Kahana Valley State Park is located on the central eastern shore of O'ahu. The park encompasses the beach of Kahana Bay and lush interior forest lands in the Koolau Mountain Range. It is accessible from Kamehameha Highway.

The climate is pleasantly mild on O'ahu throughout the year. Temperatures vary annually between 60 and 90 degrees F. Summer temperatures range from 68 to 82 degrees F with the water usually near 80 degrees. Winter temperatures vary from 61 to 80 degrees F with the water temperature close to 77 degrees. More rainfall occurs during the winter than other seasons of the year and most of it falls on the northeastern or windward portion of the island.

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