What to do in Jenny Jump State Forest

Information provided by New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry

Panoramic vistas of the Highlands and the Kittatinny Mountains and Valley to the west, and scenic views of the Great Meadows in the east dramatically greet the visitor who climbs the narrow path leading to the top of Jenny Jump Mountain. Rocky outcroppings and boulders line the trail - evidence that great glaciers once covered what is now known as Jenny Jump State Forest.


Glaciers receded from Jenny Jump Mountain near the end of the Wisconsin Ice Age, about 21,000 years ago. Exceeding a mile in thickness, the ice advanced southward from Canada, gouging out valleys and rocks from mountain tops, incorporating sediment, boulders and debris into its mass. Much of this debris was carried by the glacier or transported by meltwater to the edge of the ice where it was deposited in huge ridges called moraines. The dramatic effects of this can be seen in Jenny Jump State Forest.

UACNJ Observatory - Jenny Jump - The United Astronomy Clubs of NJ (UACNJ) leases property from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and in 1995 completed the Greenwood Observatory. The UACNJ provides public programs on Saturday evenings from April through October, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, at which an astronomy presentation is followed by an observing session, weather permitting.


Trails - Six miles of hiking trails and three miles of hiking and mountain bike trails offer magnificent views of the mountains and scenic Mountain Lake. The Summit Trail, at an elevation of 1,090 feet, offers a view of the Pequest Valley.

Camping - Campsites: Twenty-two tent and trailer sites with fire rings and picnic tables. Showers and toilets are within walking distance. Open April 1 through October 31.

Group campsites: Two group sites; capacity: 25 campers at one site, 40 at second site. Fire rings, picnic tables, pit toilets. Open April 1 through October 31.

Shelters: Eight shelters near the top of Jenny Jump Mountain, with furnished living room with woodburning stove, two rooms each with double-deck bunks. Showers and flush toilets are located nearby. Outdoor grill for cooking, picnic table. Each accommodates four people. With prior permission from the superintendent, two additional people may be accommodated. Open year round.

Warren County

Take Route 80 to exit 12 to Hope. Turn onto Route 519 north at blinking light. At third right, turn onto Shiloh Road. Approximately 1 mile, turn right onto State Park Road.

The temperatures in New Jersey vary slightly, with the southern area being the warmest. Winter weather can start by October and is in full force by November, temperatures average 20 to 40 degrees. Spring can begin in mid March and brings temperatures of 50 degrees F, by April temperatures can reach 65 degrees F. Summer weather can extend from late May to mid September, and temperatures often reach 95 degrees during this season with nighttime lows near 65 degrees. Fall weather has temperatures between 65 and 45 degrees F. Precipitation levels in New Jersey are highest from March through August.

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