What to do in Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site

Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site is nestled in the red clay hills of Georgia. This cotton plantation was owned by a single family for more than 140 years. It survived Gen. Sherman's "March to the Sea," typhoid fever, Emancipation, Reconstruction, the cotton boll weevil, the advent of steam power and a transition from farming to forestry.

In 1847, John Fitz Jarrell built a simple heart pine house typical of most plantations and made many of the furnishings visitors see today.
After John's death, his son diversified the farm by adding a sawmill, cotton gin, gristmill, shingle mill, planer, sugar cane press, syrup evaporator, workshop, barn, and outbuildings. In 1974, his descendants donated these buildings to establish Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site.

The primary attraction at Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site is exploring the site of a historic cotton plantation. There are not any outdoor activities offered at this historic site.

Jarrell Plantation State Historic Site is located in the Plains Region of central Georgia. The park is situated in northwest Jones County, 18 miles north of Macon via northbound I-75 off of Macon exit #55.

Georgia generally experiences mild, comfortable winters and warm to hot, humid summers. The area can offer a relatively warm escape for snow-free outdoor recreation during the winter months. Be prepared for occasional cold weather during the winter, especially at the higher elevations in northern Georgia.

711 Jarrell Plantation Road
Juliette, GA 31046

Phone: 912-986-5919

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