Imperial Palace and bridge, Tokyo, Japan (Japan National Tourist Organization)

Skyline at Tokyo, Japan (PhotoDisc)

Pedestrians on Shibuya crossing, Tokyo, Japan (Tom Bonaventure/Photographer's Choice)

Bullet Train in Tokyo, Japan (Nathan Borchelt)

Street scene in Tokyo, Japan (Nathan Borchelt)

Tokyo, Japan (Hemera)


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What to do in Tokyo

It’s a city perpetually racing toward the future, but Tokyo has refused to turn its back on the past. Ancient shrines sit in the shadows of modern high-rises. Countless shops sell the latest here-today, gone-tomorrow gadgets, while centuries-old festivals are routinely celebrated. Baseball competes with the age-old rites of sumo as the national sport. The National Museum, Meiji Shrine, and Imperial Palace provide sightseeing options, but the neighborhoods are the real attractions. From the neon glitz of Ginza, with its traditional shops and theaters; to the chic nightclubs of Shinjuku’s neon jungle; to the temples and markets of historic Asakusa; to Harajuku, where hundreds of teenagers gather on Sundays dressed as their favorite anime characters, each street reveals another glimpse at a city with countless faces and personalities.

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Linda rates Tokyo
I was in Tokyo for 2 weeks for work and it was spectacular. 13 mil people and the city is so clean, people are nice and sight-seeing was beyond my expectations. Plan on spending a lot of money, there is no tipping or tax so the price you see is what you pay.... Mass transit is the only way to see the city, do not even think about driving. I will go back if given the opportunity. It is a very,very safe city. They don't even lock up their bikes that are parked on the streets. No one steals..... They do not touch it unless it is their own. Hard to believe, but terrific to experience truly honest people and where family honor means something. Linda Santa Clara, CA
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