Tropical beach and turquoise sea, Negril, Jamaica, Caribbean (Angelo Cavalli)

Flags on the beach in Negril, Jamaica (Angelo Cavalli/Photodisc/Getty)

Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica (Jamaica Tourist Board)

Negril, Jamaica (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Negril

Nowhere else in Jamaica do people let it all hang out like in easy-going Negril. By day, everyone from hedonists and hustlers to yogis and families commingle on the white shores of Seven Mile Beach. By dusk, the sun-kissed crowds converge on all-night beach-side bars, where the island’s beloved rum flows. The wild side of the wee hours comes through in DJ-spun sets of dub, dancehall, and hip hop music, but the best comes in the island’s most celebrated beat: reggae. Negril boasts the second most live reggae performances on the island (Kingston is No. 1), as artists entertain in homage to local deity Bob Marley with their lilting vocals and guitar riffs. So, no matter if you’re bopping along to “Redemption Song” for the millionth time or hearing some new hypnotic rhythm, get in step with the locals. You’re in Jamaica, mon!

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