Get Outta Town: Boston

Explore Boston's back roads as you make a loop through historic Gloucester, the quintessential New England fishing town.
Get Outta Town Boston is your insider's guide to the back roads that reveal the surrounding area's charm. Go to to order this and many other titles!

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: The loop sends you to Gloucester, a fishing village since it was settled in 1623. Located on Cape Ann andclose to the famous Georges Bank, the town became synonymous with the image of the New England fisherman. You’ll view the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean,where over 10,000 local fishermen’s lives have been claimed. This area was the setting for the blockbuster film, The Perfect Storm. Photo ops aboundon this ride, so have your camera ready.


1. Clam Box of Ipswich, 246 High St., Ipswich, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 356-9707, "The best fried clams are at this clam-shaped stop"
3. Salem Diner, 70 Loring Ave., Salem, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 741-7918, "For aficionados of the classic roadside diner"
4. Original Kelly's Roast Beef, 410 Revere Beach Blvd., Revere, Massachusetts, tel: (781) 284-9129, "Thin sliced and piled high on a butter-toasted,sesame-seed bun"
5. Durgin-Park, 340 Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston, Massachusetts, tel: (617) 227-2038, "A Boston landmark serving lobster stew and potroast"
6. Red Parrot, 1 Hull Shore Dr., Hull, Massachusetts, tel: (781) 925-1115, "Enjoy your surf & turf on the seaview deck"
7. Cronin's Publick House, 23 Des Moines Rd., Quincy, Massachusetts, tel: (617) 786-9804, "This homey joint serves up top notch pub grub"

Great Outdoors
2. Maudslay State Park, 74 Curzon Mill Rd., Newburyport, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 465-7223, "Stroll around the 19th-c. gardens and estate"
3. Halibut Point State Park, 16 Gaffield Ave., Rockport, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 546-2997, "A view toward Ipswich to Maine to the Isles of Shoalsoff New Hampshire"

Roadside Attractions
3. Paper House, 52 Pigeon Hill St., Rockport, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 546-2629, "Read all about it: constructed of over 100,000 newspapers"
4. Rockport–A Seacoast Village on Cape Ann, 3 Whistlestop Mall, Rockport, Massachusetts, tel: (888) 726-3922, "Home to fishing shacks, art coloniesand beaches"
5. Hammond Castle, 80 Hesperus Ave., Gloucester, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 283-7673, "A prolific inventor’s castle filled with medieval art"
6. Spellbound Museum, Vampire and Ghost Hunt Tour, 190 Essex St., Salem, Massachusetts, tel: (978) 745–0138, "Summon the supernatural on thistour"
8. Walter Gropius House, 68 Baker Bridge Rd., Lincoln, Massachusetts, tel: (781) 259-8098, "Home of founder of the Bauhaus design movement"
9. USS Constitution-Old Ironsides Warship, 1 Constitution Rd., Charlestown, Massachusetts, tel: (617) 242 - 5671, "This old warship is the flagshipof the U.S. Navy"

SUGGESTED STOP: What kind of house would the man who designed the machines that make paper clips live in? A paper house, of course. For 20years beginning in 1922, Elis F. Stenman layered and pasted approximately 100,000 newspapers to create his two-room dream home. The Paper House in Rockport,MA, is made of 215 layers of newspaper; you can read intriguing articles from days gone by on the walls. There are paper-covered tables, chairs, lamps, andeven a piano. Good luck as you try not to get a paper cut.

Total mileage: 111 miles

  1. Start | Park St. @ Tremont St., Boston, MA
  2. Northwest | Park St.(< 0.1 miles)
  3. Right | Beacon St. School St. Washington St. (0.3 miles)
  4. Right | Water St.(< 0.1 miles)
  5. Left | Congress St. (past Faneuil Hall and Government Center) Merrimac St.(0.5 miles)
  6. Right | New Chardon St.(< 0.1 miles)
  7. Right on ramp | SR-1A (Stay Left; signs to Callahan Tunnel)(0.5 miles)
  8. Straight | SR-1A
E. Boston Expy. (through Callahan Tunnel)(2.8 miles)
  • Right | Boardman St. (past Logan Airport)(0.4 miles)
  • Rotary | 2nd Exit, Saratoga St.(< 0.1 miles)
  • Left | Bennington St. State Rd. Revere Beach Pkwy.(1.3 miles)
  • Bear Left | Revere Beach Blvd. Lynnway (north) (along the shore)(3.1 miles)
  • Left on ramp | SR-1A / Lynnway (across General Edwards Bridge)(1.9 miles)
  • Left | Market St. City Hall Sq. (in Lynn)(0.5 miles)
  • Bear Right | Franklin St.(0.4 miles)
  • Right | SR-107 / Western Ave. Highland Ave. Essex St.(4.4 miles)
  • Left | SR-107 / Boston St. (in Salem)(0.2 miles)
  • Right | SR-107 / SR-1A / Bridge St.(2.3 miles)
  • Bear Right | SR-22 / Cabot St. (immediately after Essex Bridge)(0.6 miles)
  • Right | Hale St. SR-127 / Hale St. (road name changes often)(14.7 miles)
  • Straight | SR-127A / E. Main St. Eastern Point Rd. (in Gloucester)(1.6 miles)
  • Bear Left | Farrington Ave. Atlantic Rd.(2.5 miles)
  • Straight | SR-127A / Thatcher Rd. South St. (road name changes often)(5.2 miles)
  • Bear Right | SR-127 / Granite St. (road name changes often)(7.7 miles)
  • Right | SR-128 (in Gloucester)(2.5 miles)
  • Right off ramp | SR-133 / Essex Ave. Eastern Ave. (northwest) (road name changes often)(8.0 miles)
  • Bear Right | SR-133 / SR-1A (3.9 miles)
  • Straight | SR-1A / Main St. High Rd.(7.4 miles)
  • Left | Parker St.(0.7 miles)
  • Rotary | 2nd Exit, US-1 / Newburyport Tpke. (southwest)(6.7 miles)
  • Right | SR-133 / Haverhill St.(3.2 miles)
  • Left on ramp | I-95 (south to Exit 46)(11.9 miles)
  • Right off ramp | US-1 / Newbury St. Broadway / SR-129(9.6 miles)
  • Right off ramp | Enter the tunnel and stay in right lane(4.3 miles)
  • Bear Right | SR-99 / New Rutherford Ave. Charlestown Br. (to Boston)(0.9 miles)
  • Bear Right | SR-99 / Joe Tecce Way (immediately after bridge)(0.2 miles)
  • Bear Right | New Chardon St. (after crossing I-93) Bowdoin St.(0.3 miles)
  • Left | Cambridge St. Tremont St.(0.5 miles)
  • FinishTremont St. @ Park St., Boston, MA

  • Published: 10 Sep 2008 | Last Updated: 15 Sep 2010
    Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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