Camel and city view, Jerusalem, Israel (Israel Tourism)

Church of the Dormition on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel (Israel Tourism)

Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel (PhotoDisc)

Dome of the Rock, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel (Michael Freeman/Digital Vision/Getty)

View of Jerusalem, Israel (PhotoDisc)

Old City, Jerusalem, Israel (Israel Tourism)

Camel on Mount of Olives , Jerusalem, Israel (iStockphoto)

Old City of Jerusalem, Israel (Hemera)

Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem, Israel (Medioimages/Photodisc)


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Richard rates Jerusalem
I have been to Jerusalem (both old and new) several times. To me it is a special place! No matter what faith you practice, especially true if you are Jewish, Christian or Muslim. Upon arriving the first time in 1985 I actually got goosebumps for merely being there. It should be one everyone's list as you will see from these pictures. This city truly has something special for everybody, I even found a disco that was "Country and Western" and participated in a good old fashion line dance and a fine Margarita! :)
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