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Armon Ha-Natsiv

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: A building which was the official residence of the British High Commissioners of Palestine during... Read More

The Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: The 250-dunam zoo houses 1,200 animals. The unique collection focuses on species mentioned in the... Read More

Ein Ya'el

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: Spring in Nakhal Refa'im, with adjoining Ein Yael Museum, an active museum that holds... Read More


Ya'ir Observation Point

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: The observation point was built in memory of Ya'ir Angel, a member of the kibbutz. It is built... Read More

Ramat Rakhel Archeological Garden

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: Site containing remains from the days of the Second Temple and from the Persian, Hellenistic and... Read More

Chagall Windows

5 miles from Jerusalem

Description: Stained glass windows created by the Jewish painter Mark Chagall for the synagogue at the Hadassah... Read More

St. John in the Desert Monastery

6 miles from Jerusalem

Description: Picturesque Franciscan monastery located on a cliff overlooking Nakhal Sorek and the Ein Kerem... Read More

St. John the Baptist Cave in Tsuba

7 miles from Jerusalem

Description: Cave attributed to St. John the Baptist. A spacious pool was discovered in the cave, where water... Read More

Martyrius Convent

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: Monastery that was the biggest communal convent in the area in the Byzantine era. The monastery... Read More

Har Ha-Ruakh and New Jersey Park

9 miles from Jerusalem

Description: A conspicuous mountain in the Jerusalem Mountains, from whose summit there is a good view of the... Read More

Here are results 41-50 of 257