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St. John in the Desert Monastery

6 miles from Jerusalem

Description: Picturesque Franciscan monastery located on a cliff overlooking Nakhal Sorek and the Ein Kerem... Read More

Dolphin Beach (Dolphin Reef)

Eilat, Israel

Description: Beach offers special, calm atmosphere and a dolphin pod that lives there. There are no shows here,... Read More


43 miles from Be'er Sheva

Description: Sandstone hill with a rare geological phenomenon. On top of the hill there are blocks of exposed... Read More


Ein Ya'el

Jerusalem, Israel

Description: Spring in Nakhal Refa'im, with adjoining Ein Yael Museum, an active museum that holds... Read More

Hilton Beach

(opposite the Hilton Hotel)
Nordau Boulevard
Tel Aviv 62381 Israel
Expert Rated & Recommended

Ben Gurion Burial Site National Park

14 miles from Kibbutz Revivim

Description: The graves of David and Paula Ben-Gurion, next to Midreshet Sde Boker (the Sde Boker College). The... Read More

Ancient Synagogue Pki'in

9 miles from Safed

Description: Synagogue dating from 1873. Two stones are embedded in its walls which, tradition has it, were... Read More

Atlit Ma'apilim Camp

8 miles from Haifa

Description: British detention camp for Ma'apilim (illegal immigrants) who reached the country between 1939... Read More

Derekh Burma

17 miles from Jerusalem

Description: A dirt trail blazed during the War of Independence between the Jerusalem mountains and the coastal... Read More

Har Ha-Ruakh and New Jersey Park

9 miles from Jerusalem

Description: A conspicuous mountain in the Jerusalem Mountains, from whose summit there is a good view of the... Read More

Here are results 1-10 of 257