Lakshimi Narayan Temple, New Delhi, India (Digital Vision)


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What to do in New Delhi

In the crush of today’s New Delhi, you find street urchins, chai wallahs , blind beggars, and snake charmers alongside a sleek, upscale modern scene with exclusive malls, suited businessmen, and air-conditioned coffee shops that evoke the New in the city’s name. Expect mind-crushing traffic, rough and gritty streets, persistent touts, and the tempting scent of Indian cuisine around every corner. It’s a sensual assault accompanied by the perplexing sound of different vernaculars that will leave you, at times, wondering if even the locals understand each other. But many of the city’s most alluring places remain its most ancient. Immerse yourself in the storied history by visiting Old Delhi near the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, or ruin-ridden Lodhi Gardens—all offer a peaceful respite from the hustle of new India.

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Henry rates New Delhi
So many things to say about New Delhi, but key among them is be prepared for sensory overload. The city ranges the gamut from the very poor slums to elegant new architecture. My two trips to New Delhi were both business-related, one for 3 weeks in February of 2006 and one for 7 weeks in June-July 2007. Definitely check out the World Heritage sites of Qutb Minar and Humayun's Tomb. The entry costs are definitely worth it. Transportation from most hotels is readily abundant if you don't mind the autorickshaws or cabs (be sure to ask the driver to turn on the A/C), and for the equivalent of about $10 US, the driver will wait for hours and take you back to your hotel. Shopping is interesting - from the outdoor bazaar of Dilli Haat to Connaught Place. Also, ask your concierge about tours to Agra and Taj Mahal.
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