View of the Taj Mahal at dusk in Agra, India (PhotoDisc)

India, Agar, Red fort (UNESCO World Heritage) (iStockphoto)

Gate to Taj Mahal, India Agra (iStockphoto)


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What to do in Agra

Such is the incomparable beauty of the Taj Mahal, India’s most famous monument, that Jacqueline Kennedy, who visited twice, reportedly said that she would have preferred to live in the Taj than the White House. There are no reports as to what Kennedy thought of the rest of Agra, a crowded city in the state of Uttar Pradesh some 130 miles south of Delhi, but chances are she didn’t stay long. Indeed, most travelers get a look at the Taj and make a quick escape. But Agra has plenty to recommend it beyond the bright marble tomb. Sites such as the colossal Agra Fort, a city-within-the-city built prior to the Taj Mahal, offer a taste of Mughal history and a deeper understanding of the more famous monument down the road. North of Agra Fort, old neighborhoods house twisted alleyways and crowded markets. Souvenir shopping here is worth your time.

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Henry rates Agra
Although I didn't stay in Agra, the trip from Delhi was definitely worth it. The Taj Mahal is as beautiful in person as the photos make it seem. I did not pay for a guide, but did read up on this World Heritage site before making the trip. Remember to take your shoes off when you go into the mausoleum itself as is tradition. On the way to Agra, we stopped at Akbar's Tomb in Sikandra. Be prepared for the monkeys which are everywhere.
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