The Triumvirate: Trinidad, Tobago, & Grenada

Wrestling with the competing desires of hip shaking in heaving crowds versus lying low in quiet isolation can be unendingly stressful. Thank the Island Gods, then, for Trinidad and Tobago, where you can drink rum, shake your rump, and get some serious Crusoe-style seclusion without trading one impulse for the other. Add Grenada's hot springs, waterfalls, and coasts to the equation (and why not—it's just a boat ride away) and decision-making is simple bliss: drink, swim, drink, hike, drink....
The birthplace of limbo, calypso, and steel pan, Trinidad is island debauchery at its most extreme. Bombastic rhythms fill every street and, lest you forget you're in paradise, the verdant Caronia Swamp and Bird Sanctuary will reinforce all Edenic delusions. Tobago is Trinidad's calmer sibling, 26 miles long, seven miles wide, and thoroughly undeveloped. Snake through bamboo in the Main Ridge Rainforest, snorkel Bucco Reef's coral gardens, or just soak in the sun at Englishman's Bay. In Grenada, visit the Seven Sisters, a series of five stunning waterfalls. Summit the 2,300-foot peak in the Grand Etang National Forest, and quell the inner Jacque Cousteau by exploring the Bianca C, a submerged, 600-foot cruise ship.

Published: 13 Feb 2002 | Last Updated: 14 Sep 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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