Downtown houses and view of Mt Esja, Reykjavik, Iceland (Rene Frederick/Digital Vision/Getty)

View of Perlan in Reykjavic, Iceland (Reykjavik Tourism)


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What to do in Reykjavik

Native Reykjavíkers live in quite the fairy-tale land; with rainbows, barn-size icebergs, turf-topped houses, wild horses, volcanoes, geothermal pools, and the exaggerated contrast of green grass to blue waters. With such a magical landscape, it’s no wonder that elves are a huge part of the country’s folklore; nearly half of locals believe that the tiny creatures inhabit the underside of rocks. But even if you only spot boring humans, you might just feel like you’re on another planet thanks to the rugged and sometimes otherworldly landscape. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of the northern lights, a greenish glow that swirls across a summer sky that never quite turns dark. Sure, they may have a scientific explanation, but they’re magical nonetheless.

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