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Experience the pristine Gulf coast Honeymoon Island. Once inhabited by the Tocobaga Indians, the island has withstood a course of development beginning as early as the 1530s. Hurricanes have reshaped the barrier spit several times over with the last major restructuring occurring in 1921 leaving behind what is now called Hurricane Pass, a waterway between Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island. As recent as the 1930s, a media mogul decided to market the island as a honeymoon destination for northern snowbirds. He built 50 thatched huts and removed the islands name, Hog Island (once an agriculture site). The park is a day use facility where beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing, and other water-related sports are enjoyed.

Beautiful palms, aquamarine waters, plentiful birdlife and warm ocean breezes tranquilize the visitor to a state of pure relaxation. Shore birds and sea turtles build their nests undisturbed among the dunes. Gulf breezes ruffle the tresses of auburn hairgrass. Comprised of 385 upland acres, 2,400 submerged acres, and 5 miles of beach the island is a beautiful showcase. Beachcombers take their relaxation serious. The wrack line has a steady flow of shell hunters with heads tucked downward and hands clutching plastic bags. It's difficult not be entranced by the abundance and diversity of beautiful shells. Other serious island sportsmen include anglers. They fish from boat or from shore with healthy catches of snook, tarpon, seatrout, sheepshead, flounder and snapper. Bird-watchers also heavily use the island's easy access off State Route 586. Traveling to the northern tip of the park, two trails create a rewarding loop along the St. Joseph Sound and Pelican Cove. Many are aware of the osprey rookery.

Incidentally, the Caladesi Island Ferry Dock is located on the left just after crossing Causeway Boulevard from Dunedin. This ferry takes travelers to Caladesi Island State Park.

Visitors to Honeymoon Island love to swim, snorkel, picnic, sunbathe, hike and just relax at one of America's loveliest beaches. Four bathhouses, a cafe, observation dock, numerous picnic tables, several picnic shelters, and a children's playground enhance the visit.

Honeymoon Island is located at the western tip of State Route 586 slightly north of Dunedin.

Winters in west central Florida are normally mild with occasional temperatures dipping into the 30's and 40's Fahrenheit. However, averages range between 52 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit (11 - 18 Celsius). Summers are normally hot and muggy with temperatures and humidity usually exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Averages range between 81 and 83 degrees (27 - 29 Celsius). Precipitation for the central west area ranges between 52 and 56 inches per year.

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