What to do in Hillsdale State Park

**All information provided by The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks**

Located in the rolling hills of Miami County, Hillsdale State Park offers a broad array of outdoor recreation opportunities. Campers, anglers, boaters, hunters, swimmers, horseback riders, model airplane flyers, hikers, naturalists, picnickers, photographers and sightseers all enjoy unique opportunities at Hillsdale.

As the newest of Kansas' state parks, Hillsdale is well-equipped with modern facilities. Located in the fastest-growing area of the state, the park is heavily used by residents of nearby Kansas City.

Camping is allowed in the 200 designated camp sites in the Russell Crites Area. About half of those sites have electric/water hookups available. Two restroom/shower houses are conveniently located for campground users. The park features two beach areas which are open from sunrise to sunset.

The Saddle Ridge Equestrian Area on the east side of the reservoir has 32 miles of marked trails. Model airplane flying is a popular activity in a specially designated area just south of the dam.

Anglers find ample sport in the 4,500-acre Hillsdale Reservoir. Fishing is allowed on all 51 miles of shoreline, and seven boat ramps in the state park and adjacent wildlife area provide convenient access to the water. When the lake was filled, in the early 1980s, more than 70 percent of the standing timber in the lake basin was left to provide fish habitat. As a result, walleye, catfish, largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill are abundant. The adjacent 7,700-acre public wildlife area offers hunters and wildlife observers a variety of enjoyable outdoor opportunities.

3 miles Northwest of Paola, KS.

Kansas has an annual mean temperature almost as high as that of Virginia, more sunshine than that of any state to the east, and generous summer rains.The State lies across the path of alternate masses of warm moist air moving north from the Gulf of Mexico and currents of cold, comparatively dry, air moving from the polar regions. Consequently, its weather is subject to frequent and often sharp changes, usually of short duration.Summers are inclined to be warm–often the word "hot" describes them best–but are healthful, with low relative humidity during periods of high temperatures, and usually a good wind movement. Heat prostrations are almost unknown. Summer nights are usually cool, especially in the western counties.Winters are drier, with more sunshine than those of eastern states. The average snowfall is less than that of other states, except those located farther south. Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and the New England States normally have from two to three times as much snowfall as Kansas.

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