Top Ten Treks in the Nepalese Himalaya

Top 10 Coolest Treks in the Nepalese Himalaya

Himalaya means "abode of snows." If you have been lucky enough to touch the sky from the mountain crests, the passes, or the terraced valleys of Nepal's tectonically uplifted spine, you know that it is the snows that truly rule. Running the full length of the country, the great snow-capped windswept Nepalese Himalaya is an awe-inspiring natural spectacle.

Fully one third of the Himalaya is contained within Nepal's borders, as are the summits of eight of the world's 14 highest mountains (those over 8000 meters). Fortunately, some of the most spectacular countryside in and around this monolithic range is open to determined trekkers. From the deepest clear-blue waters of Rara Lake in the west to the high valleys around Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Everest in the center and Kanchenjunga in the east, centuries-old heel-worn furrows crisscross the ceilingless expanse and lead to gorgeous barren landscapes, remote villages, ancient traditions, and much, much more.

Here is a look at ten of the most exciting trekking opportunities in Nepal. Listed geographically from west to east and not in order of importance, this list is subject to great debate. However, no one could ever deny the majesty of any of these incomparable mountain voyages.



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