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Sedona. The name alone sounds lyrically romantic. From its exotic intonations and Southwest location, one might guess an ancient Native American love story lies at the roots of its origin. Not even close. But while the name may not derive from a folkloric tale of passion, it does stem from love.

Settled in the late 1800s, the strikingly picturesque area in north central Arizona was still without a name when Theodore Schnebly, one of the town's earliest settlers, opened the first post office in 1902. He remedied the anonymity by suggesting the name of his beloved—his wife, Sedona.

And so it seems appropriate that my husband Levi and I decided to spend our first anniversary exploring this place. A friendÂ’s wedding brought us to Phoenix, and we extended the trip for a couple of active-minded days to celebrate the one-year mark of our matrimony.

We didn’t even learn about the story of Sedona's romantic origins until after we arrived, but our first glimpse at the imposing red rocks poised beneath an azure spring sky told us that many had fallen in love here—if not with their companion, then with the land itself.

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