Seven Great Hikes in the Caribbean

The Caribbean isn't just for sun-seekers and pool-side nappers. Adventurous travelers shouldn't overlook the miles of hiking trails spread among some of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands. Here are seven great hikes in the Caribbean for the active vacationer.
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Tropical waterfall in Dominica, Caribbean
Tropical waterfall in Dominica, Caribbean  (iStockphoto)

When you think of a Caribbean vacation, hiking may not be the first activity that springs to mind. But elegant crescents of sugary sand are not the region’s only natural enticement. The voluptuous contours of many Caribbean islands are a hiker’s dream. Add a vivid tropical landscape, exotic flora and fauna, and that dazzling juxtaposition of azure sea and sky, and a hiking holiday in the Caribbean makes perfect sense. Here is a sampling of some of the best hikes, treks, and walks in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean island of Saba is literally one big volcanic peak, a pyramid of craggy gray rock jutting out of shimmering blue sea. Access roads and hiking trails ring the mossy slopes. Out of the island’s center rises Mount Scenery at 3,000 feet. You can hike one of several trails that loop the mountain or climb the 1,064 hand-hewn steps of the Mount Scenery stairway to the top, passing rare orchids and black-eyed susans as you go. This three-hour-roundtrip hike starts near the Trail Shop in Windwardside and passes through lush rainforest, with panoramic views of turquoise seas and neighboring islands St. Kitts and St. Maarten. Mist swirls around the peak's lava dome, which last erupted in 1640. Download a trail map online or arrange a guided walk at the Saba Tourist Office.
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With some of the Caribbean’s loftiest peaks and wildest jungles, Dominica rewards adventure exploration with unforgettable natural sights. Hardy souls and seasoned hikers take to the hills and dense jungle to glimpse bubbling hot springs and barren wastelands (the Valley of Destruction). You can hike to Boiling Lake, the world’s second-largest solfatara lake, a flooded volcanic fumarole where water temperatures hover around 190 degrees. The challenging seven-hour roundtrip hike to Boiling Lake is recommended for experienced hikers only. Contact Ken’s Hinterland Adventure Tours or Antours for guided trips on your hiking holiday.
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Trinidad offers some of the most invigorating hiking in the Caribbean. Trekkers on the island can follow rugged trails to river gorges, pool basins, and shimmering waterfalls deep in the wilds of rainforest jungle. Sign on with Hike Seekers to trek to and through narrow Guanapo Gorge or to tumbling Angel Falls. Hike Seekers offers adventures hikes for all levels: easy, moderate, and challenging.
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Published: 13 Dec 2012 | Last Updated: 27 Dec 2012
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