Top Ten Brazil Classic Adventures

Hike Rio's Hunchback
By Shawn Blore

Rio's most famous landmark is without a doubt the statue of Christ the Redeemer, standing with arms outstretched looking down from the Corcovado at the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The statue dates only from 1931 (which is curiously enough about the time that Rio natives began taking to the beaches in ever-greater numbers, in ever-skimpier clothing). A visit to Christ's feet is deservedly a part of every Rio itinerary, if only for the view alone. And while it's certainly possible to take the 20-minute tram ride, a much better option is to hoof it. The trail—not well maintained, but clearly visible—wends its way over 2,300 vertical feet through the lush forest of the Parque Nacional de Tijuca. Along the way you can admire the wildflowers, look for monkeys, birds, and butterflies, and gawk at the ever-more-stunning views. Waiting at the top is a refreshment stand, a panoramic view of Rio, and of course, a chance to meet your maker.


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