Top Ten Scandinavia Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Mountainclimb in Norway
By Bertil Lintner

In a country defined by its mountains, the possibilities for climbing are endless. One of Norway's best is Jotunheimen—jotun means giant, and heim is home—and Jotunheimen is just that. The park is home to some of the largest peaks in central Norway and, according to ancient mythology, the Norse gods as well.

Leirvassbu is the starting point for explorations of this area. The landscape is almost Arctic: It's above the tree line, where only shrubs and moss grow. Head to Galdhxpiggen (the highest at 8,100 feet) or Glittertind (the second highest, at 8,044 feet), not far from Galdhxpiggen. For steep peaks, stick to the western end of the park.


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