Top Ten Scandinavia Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Hike Swedish Lapland
By Bertil Lintner

Arctic trek complete with icy river crossings and wildlife got your name written all over it? Grab your gear and two-foot the Kungsleden trail in Swedish Lapland to experience a section of Sweden's unspoiled, tundra-like landscape surrounded by spectacular mountains, crystal-clear streams, and unique wildlife. The Kungsleden—or "King's Trail," in honor of country's monarch—is the oldest marked long-distance trail in Scandinavia and was established by the government almost a century ago.

The King's trail begins at the railway station of Abisko, north of the Arctic Circle, and ends at Hemavan, a small village 272 miles to the south. There are no villages along the route, but you will find scattered camps maintained by Lappish reindeer herders, and log cabins where trekkers can overnight. Don't attempt the trek in offseason—you won't make it through the snow—and keep your eyes open for the Lappish reindeer, lynx, and bears as you go.


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