Top Ten New Zealand Classic Adventures

Witness White Island's Explosions

Steaming geysers, hot rivers, sulphurous smells, and violent yellow'll find all this and more in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, the hot heart of New Zealand's north island. Most of New Zealand's geothermal features are found in this narrow belt, that includes Lake Taupo, the tourist town of Rotorua, and the lesser known White Island, New Zealand's only marine volcano, located at the zone's northern point.

For years, White Island was off-limits, but now you can actually set foot on the volcano itself (take a charter-boat from the coastal town of Whakatane and watch for hammerhead sharks). Walking on the island is restricted to the areas known to be safe that day. Bare-foot is the rule, because the corrosive sand can damage your boat. The hot sand between your toes, the smell of sulfur and the anticipation of a dash to the boat if the ground starts to tremble make this hike a true adventure.


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