Top Ten Italy Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Hike Across the Border
By Valerio Diotto

Though the Vallee des Merveilles is in France, you can reach it by following a trail that starts in Taggia, on the northwest coast of Italy, and follows the Valle Argentina gently along the creek to the village of Triora. The trail starts at sea level and peaks out at 2,200 meters, passing through many different climates along the way, from mediterranean to alpine. The 1,600-meter pass of Collardente takes you into France. From there, descend to the fine old church of Notre Dame des Fontaines, and travel onward to La Brigue, S. Dalmas and up to Mercantour Park. There's a refuge at the entrance to the park and another at the top. This route is suitable for mountain bikers as well.


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