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Asia: Ladakh Range, India

The nomadic Changpas rely almost exclusively on yak and sheep herding to eke out a subsistence existence in the Ladakh range, which should give you an idea of the comfort level to expect when venturing into this high, dry desert region. An extension of Tibet's Chang Tang plains and the most remote section of the Indian Himalaya, the Ladakh is extreme high country, where the valleys, not the summits, are 14,000 feet above sea level. Some favorite destinations in the area include Lake Morari, a verdant oasis in the midst of a barren moonscape, and Stok Kangri, one of the highest of the Ladakh's peaks. Especially for urban visitors, a trek in the Ladakh is not only a chance to enjoy the landscape, but also an opportunity to interact with people whose way of life is profoundly different from their own. Take some time to acclimatize by exploring the colorful Buddhist monasteries around the city of Leh before taking to the hills, and hire a guide: Maps of the region, when they exist, are not to be trusted.

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