Nomad & O'Mahoney: AT Thru-Hikers

Gear List: May 23, 2000

Nimblewill's current packweight: 13 lbs. 4.5 oz.

John's current packweight: 38 lbs.

John's Gear List

Gear List For Start Of International Appalachian Trail
Temperature Range 32F to 70F

G4C Backpack = 13.2 oz
1 Silnylon Stuff Sack (Replaces Compactor Bag) = 2 oz.
8 section Z-Rest Frame Support For Pack and As Partial Sleeping Pad = 8 oz.
I BelieveThis Will Be My Backpack/Partial Sleeping Pad For Trek
Total = 23.2 oz.

Nomad Lite Tent = 28 oz.
Tyvek Ground Cloth = 5 oz.
3 No-bendum Stakes = 1.7 oz.
I Believe This Will Be My Shelter For Entire Trek Total = 34.7 oz.

Sleeping Bag
Western Mountaineering Aspen Down Bag With Dryloft Rated 20 Degrees = 35 oz.
Cocoon Rectangular Silk Sleeping Bag Liner and 3/4 Ultralite Thermarest = 20.2 oz.
2 Silnylon Stuff Sacks One replaces Compactor Bag = 1.8 oz.
I'll Switch To WM Down Bag W/Dryloft Rated 40* Bag 25 oz. After Hiking Tundra On IAT In Canada and Then Switch Back To Aspen When Needed
Total = 57 oz.

Clothing Worn Or Carried Depending On Conditions
Baseball Style Hat With Plastic Brim = 1.9 oz.
Patagonia Zephyr Jacket Worn As Long John Top = 10 oz.
Patagonia Silk-Weight Capilene Long John Pants = 4 oz.
Polyester Balaclava = 2 oz.
Seal Skins and Liner Socks = 3.9 oz.
Pair Bridgedale Socks = 3 oz.
Silnylon Stuff Sack = 0.5 oz.
OR Gore-Tex Shell Mittens and EMS Windstopper Gloves = 3.6 oz.
This Will Change Depending On Weather Conditions
Total = 28.9 oz.

Cold, Rain, and Windy Gear Buffalo Teclite Activity Shirt = 17 oz.
Silnylon Poncho = 7.4 oz
In Warmer Weather I'll Carry Just The Poncho
Total = 24.4 oz.

Silnylon Stuff Sack Including Contents
Fanny Pack, Assorted ID, Asthma Perscriptions, and Money = 6 oz.
Tick Tweezers, Boy Scout Mirror, and Victorinox Army Classic Knife With Laynard = 2.3 oz.
Spirtual Readings = 4.4 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 12.7

Repair Kit, Photon, and TeleMail 2 Safety Pins, Sewing Needle, Dental Floss, and Eye Glasses Repair Kit = 2 oz.
2 White Photon Light With Laynard = 0.5 oz.
Sharp TelMail Extra Battery In Zip Lock Bag = 8.5 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 11 oz.

Camera and Equipment
Olympus Stylus Zoom 80 With Laynard Film, Battery, and Silnylon Stuff Sack = 8.5 oz.
3 Rolls Of Film and Extra Battery = 3.7 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 12.2 oz.

Suunto Compass and Fox Whistle On Laynard = 1.4 oz.
Maps and Guides In Zip Loc Bag = 10 oz.
Some Writing Paper and Pen In Ziploc Bag = 0.5 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 11.9 oz.

Insect Protection
Sawyer Controlled Relese Deet Formula = 2.4 oz.
Clear Nail Polish For Chiggers = 1.5 oz.
After Bug Season Passes I'll Send This Home
Total = 3.9 oz.

First Aid, Vitamins, and Asthma Medication in Silnylon Stuff Sack
Anbesol Maximum Strength = 1.6 oz.
Aloe Type Crhme and Ibuprofen 200mg = 3 oz.
Neosprone Antiseptic Crhme = 1 oz.
GNC Meg Men Dietary Supplement and Caltrate 600 Calcium = 3 oz.
Silnylon Stuff Sack WithAsthma Inhalers, AeroChamber, and Pills = 8 oz.
Emergency First Aid Blanket and Rubber Ball For Daily Massaging Of Feet = 4.6 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 21.2 oz.

Tooth Brush and Paste In Ziploc Bag = 2 oz.
Roll Of Toilet Paper In Ziploc Bag = 3 oz.
Antibacterial Crhme = 2 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 7 oz.

Water Purification and Containers
Safe Water Inline Filter With 1 Liter Of Water = 35 oz.
4 Liter Platypus Zip-Loc Container = 3 oz.
This Will Be Used For Entire Trek
Total = 38 oz.

Cooking and Eating
Lexan Spork With laynard = 0.4 oz.
Evernew .9 Liter Non-Stick Pot With Piece Of Aluminum Foil For Lid = 3.5 oz.
5 Days Of Food @ 1.5 Pounds Per Day = 120 oz. Homemade Denatured Stove Made By Don"Photon" Johnston = 2 oz.
Waterproof Matches and Butane Lighter = 1.1 oz.
8 Ounces Of Denatured Alcohol and 4 Esbit Tablets For Emergency Cooking Use = 10 oz.
Vaseline and Cotton Balls With No Blow Out Birthday Candles In Container = 1 oz.
Silnylon Stuff Sack = 2 oz.
Volume and Weight Of Food Will Increase As My Hike Progresses
Total = 140 oz.

Total Backpack Weight With Food and Water For 5 Days Temperature 32F To 70F
Total = 426.1 oz.
Total Backpack Weight With Food and Water For 4 Days
Total = 402.1 oz.
Total Backpack Weight With Food and Water For 3 Days
Total = 378.1 oz.
Total Backpack Weight With Food and Water For 2 Days
Total = 354.1 oz.
Total Backpack Weight With Food and Water for 1 Day
Total = 330.1 oz.

Base Backpack Weight Minus Food and Water = 274.1 oz.
Base Backpack Weight After Trekking The Canadian Tundra = 241.8 oz.

Base Clothing Layer Worn Not Included In Backpack Weight Tinted Perscription Glasses With Sports Band = 2 oz.
Baseball Hat With Plastic Brim and Bandana = 3.5 oz.
The Original Bug Shirt XL Elite Sandstone = 10.7 oz.
Waterproof Watch = 2 oz.
Columbia PFG Zip Off Legs With Built In Mesh Briefs = 11 oz.
Bridgedale Socks = 3 oz.
New Balance 803s = 34 oz.
OR Spandura/Lycra 8" Gaitors 3.5 oz.
Leki Makalu Cortec PA Poles W/Duct Tape Wrapped Around Shaft 22 oz.
Some Items Will Change To Suit My Needs and Whims
Total = 91.7 oz.

Nimblewill's Gear List

The Main Dwelling
Storage Shed - GVP Gear G4 Pack. 0-12.7
Garage - Wanderlust Gear, Nomad Tent. 1-6.4
Bedroom - North Face, Cat's Meow, 2-5.6, Thermarest Guidelite pad, 1-3.6 closet and chest of drawers (bread wrappers)
Kitchen - One quart aluminum pot, 0-4.6, aluminum bowl, 0-1.3, stainless steel spoon (handle bent for pot-holder), 0-1.2, aluminum cup, 0-0.9, wood-burning stove (homemade hobo "little dandy"), 0-6.3, butane lighter, 0-0.6, Gerber 400 single-blade lockback, 0-1.1, no water purification or filtering. Pantry (bread wrappers)
Bathroom - Threadbare regular towel, > cut lengthwise; also used as a bandanna, 0-2.7, (the other < serves as a sweat band, large splint/bandage wrap), 0-0.6, comb, 0-0.1, no soap, no toothpaste, no toothbrush, no toilet paper. Medicine cabinet (bread wrapper containing first-aid kitsee Jitney repair kit)
Laundry Room - Fifteen feet of parachute cord for clothesline 0-2.0
Library - In bookcase (bread wrappers) maps, topos and data books, (Thru-Hiker Handbook, 0-5.2, ATC Data Book, 0-1.6) Bible, (New Testament + Psalms + Proverbs, 0-2.0)
In desk drawer (Ziplocks) pencil and logbook, 0-1.0, phone/address book, 0-0.8, driver's license, debit card, calling card, small amount of cash, 0-1.0

For the Old JitneyTires - Vasque Avanti, 2-4.6, Bill Rogers Etonics, 0-15.7
Innertubes - Two pair wool rag. 0-4.2 each
Brakes and Shocks - Leki Super Makalu trekking poles. 1-5.9
Trim Package - Nylon pants, 0-5.7, nylon shorts, 0-7.4, homemade nylon gaiters, 0-3.5, shirts (one short sleeve poly mesh, 0-4.0, one long sleeve button-front wool, 0-14.8). Note: also have Capilene thermals, 0.14.7, wool gloves, 0-2.4, unlined leather overmittens, 0-2.6, wool cap, 0-1.0, hat, 0-1.0, headnet, 0-0.7
Convertible Top - Wanderlust Gear poncho, 0.7.5
Accessories - audio (Panasonic microcassette recorder/player), 0-5.0, lighter (see kitchen) speedometer (L.E.D. watch, 0-2.0, Silva type-3 compass, 0-1.0), Nikon Nice Touch 4, 0.7.6, Sharp Pocketmail, 0.7.5, glove box medicine pouch w/charismatic artifact, 0-0.0 keychain thermometer by REI, weighed with pack). Rear View Mirror - Plastic coated 3" X 4" by REI. (Not carried)
Headlight/Dome Light - white photon, 0.0.2
Windshield - Oakley Blades, 0-1.0
Under the Hood - Radiator (one quart Rubbermaid with squeeze spout, 0-2.9, 20oz. plastic pop bottle, 0-1.2, one liter plastic pop bottle, 0-1.9 in hip-belt pouch, 0-1.0), oil and lube (multiple vitamins, enteric coated aspirin and Osteo BiFlex for the ol' chassis, engine and U-joints, week's supply, 0-2.0)
In the Trunk - Repair kit: (Band-Aid assortment, triple antibiotic, alcohol/iodine prep pads, adhesive tape, moleskin, medicated powder, tooth picks, latex exam gloves, spare CL, 0-2.4). Spare tire, see above
For the Fuel Tank - Rice (not instant), bread (not white), canned fish steaks/sardines, peanut butter and jelly (in plastic shelf containers), cheese (individually wrapped), coffee, pudding (instant okay for pudding but not coffee), gravy and seasoning packets, pop tarts, candy, cookies. And for the first day back on the trail. . . apples, bananas, oranges, ground beef, etc.


Published: 30 Apr 2002 | Last Updated: 8 Nov 2010
Details mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publication


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