Top Ten Turkey Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Trek the Lycian Way

It's no stroll for the faint-hearted: Turkey's first marked trekking trail stretches for more than 300 miles from the outskirts of Fethiye to the edge of Antalya. The walk combines the best of Turkey's unspoiled mountain scenery with the chance to explore little-visited ruins along the way. Cutting up 4,000-foot mountainsides and dipping down to Mediterranean beaches, the trail takes you through villages where tourists are still a novelty and bypasses ruins you're sure to have to yourself. To go end to end, reserve a solid 30 days. And although there are a few pensions along the way, you'll probably need to pack a tent. The route is clearly marked, but you may want to buy a Lycian Way guidebook, not least to help you cherry-pick the most interesting and/or easiest stretches. A quick hint: The Fethiye end is easier than the Antalya one.


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